West Fleming takes message for extra-terrestrials to Giza pyramid

The West Flemish artist Floris Caes has used a drone to place a metal plate on the top of one of the Giza pyramids.  Caes wanted to leave behind a message for extra-terrestrials who may visit our planet in later centuries.

It was the two golden plates that the Americans sent into space on board the Voyager probe in 1977 that inspired the West Fleming. They contained photos, music and images of earth. Floris Caes says: "I don't believe this was representative.  It will take an enormous length of time before we get any response."

Caes set to work himself: he engraved a short text on an aluminium plate focusing on the characteristics of man: greed and short-sightedness that he believes have made our life impossible.  He wanted to leave the plate at a spot that will still be noticeable long after man has died out.

"I hit on a human structure that has been standing for 4,500 years, that is built from massive stone and that will never get overgrown.  The pyramids of Giza."

Flying a drone over the pyramids without permission is illegal, but Caes did it quickly, surreptitiously! 

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