"The way Britain is crippling itself... I have never seen anything like it"

The Belgian Professor Paul De Grauwe, who teaches at the London School of Economics, is disappointed with the way Brexit is unfolding for Britain. The country is ruining itself with the way things are developing now, is his conclusion. 

Yesterday, the British pound lost a lot of ground as the financial markets got more and more nervous as uncertainty reigned. The atmosphere within Britain is tense at the same time. 

Speaking in the VRT's current affairs radio programme "De Wereld Vandaag" on Radio 1, Paul De Grauwe was asked how he feels about the whole Brexit issue, a couple of years after the referendum. He answered: "I feel disappointed, of course. I spend a lot of my time in Great Britain. It's a very nice country. The way it is causing damage to itself now... I have never seen this somewhere else." 

"The polarisation as a result of the Brexit, the way the democratic game is being poisoned... it's terrible. We never expected that all this could be the result of the referendum."

Mr De Grauwe finds that "the respect for opponents has gone, and this is very harmful. Opponents have become betrayors", he says, comparing the atmosphere to what happens in the United States. "Opponents have become enemies of the people." 

Paul De Grauwe thinks that, whatever the eventual outcome will be, nobody will be satisfied in the end, because polarisation is so big.  

Whatever the final outcome will be, nobody will be happy in the end, because of the polarisation 

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