Flanders installs "Brexit Helpdesk"

The Flemish government has approved an action plan to help companies to prepare for a hard Brexit. This was announced by the Flemish PM Geert Bourgeois (nationalist) today. 

The latest developments in Britain are also triggering concerns among Flemish businesses. Geert Bourgeois (N-VA) said that these are not prepared for a possible hard Brexit, where no real transition period would be installed, and things would change quite abruptly.

Some 16,000 Flemish companies are exporting to the U.K., and these exports are worth 28 billion euros each year. Many of these middle-sized businesses have no experience with trade outside the EU, it can be heard.  

"These companies would then suddenly be confronted with customs formalities and checks, especially where meat and food are concerned", says Bourgeois. The Flemish government approved an action plan, which includes the installation of a so-called Brexit Helpdesk, to support businesses: "We will organise guiding and counselling, and also want to look for new markets to deliver the goods. We should be prepared."

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