De Lijn may move bus stops at Brussel-Noord as nuisance continues

The Flemish public transport company De Lijn is suggesting it will take action itself at Brussels North Station, saying it will move its bus stops to a different place as from Monday 26 November. 

Brussel Noord is an important hub for De Lijn. It is last stop for about 30 Flemish bus services, and the place where many bus drivers take a break. However, the grey, dull underground stops are far from what you would call attractive.

On top of that, the number of transmigrants seeking shelter in the shabby, mainly empty ground floor of the big building beside the stops, has increased in such a way that their presence is causing nuisance. Hygiene standards are low, rubbish bins are always full. The problems keep continuing, in such a way that De Lijn announced that they may take an initiative themselves.  

We noticed things are not improving for staff and passengers

Citing their passengers' comfort and safety, De Lijn will move 30 stops to elsewhere. Incoming traffic will stop at a different side of the building, while departing buses will start at the Rogier square.

"Despite several contacts with the different parties involved, we noticed that things are not improving for our passengers and staff. We have reached a red line now; if nothing changes next week, we will adapt our services the week after", De Lijn boss Roger Kesteloot told the VRT. He hopes the Brussels Region can intervene. 

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