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After the dry summer: beer to become more expensive

Brewers AB InBev have told Het Laatste Nieuws they will slightly increase beer prices for retailers and the hospitality industry, as from 1 January. It is expected that the latter will follow to lift prices for customers, but maybe not straightaway. 

Raf Peeters of Horeca Vlaanderen, the organisation of the hospitality sector, says that "we usually advise retailers and private businesses to lift prices for consumers as well, but this doesn't have to happen straightaway." He thinks producers Alken-Maes will also lift their prices. 

AB InBev brews Stella Artois, Jupiler, Leffe, Hoegaarden, Belle-Vue and Corona among others and is talking about "a slight increase". Pub landlords will have to pay 153.84 euros for one keg, all taxes included, "which means an extra 0.016 euros per glass for consumers", Laure Stuyck of AB InBev calculated. The extra price for retailers is about the same. 

The price increase is not a surprise: last summer's drought had a negative impact on grain supplies. 

Brewers Haacht - who manufacture Keizer Karel, Primus and Tongerlo - told the Belgian press agency Belga they haven't made a decision yet about an increase. 

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