Skate shop sparks cannabis controversy in Overijse

A new skate shop in Overijse (Flemish Brabant) is sparking controversy, all the more because it is located next to a school. 

The new skate shop 'BlackJack' is selling T-shirts, sweaters, backpacks and... cannabis among other things. The shop owner claims he is not breaking the law, because his cannabis (sold as pot-pourri)  does not contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the substance that makes you feel high) or very little. It is said that this is not the first shop in Flanders selling this substance. 

However, THC or not, the shop is situated next to a school and Mayor Inge Lenseclaes is not happy with it. "We're in a grey zone here. Even though the cannabis does not contain any THC, it could be a first step for youngsters towards taking real cannabis. Moreover, the shop is situated close to a school. It's not good that 11-year-olds come into contact with this." 

The Mayor is actually surprised the shop is there. "We never received a request for a permit for a commercial store. We sent a letter to the shop owners to get more explanation", she told the VRT's regional radio station Radio 2.  

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