Iljo Keisse (left) enjoyed a seventh win in Ghent at 35 years of age. He lives just around the corner.

Iljo Keisse adds to Kuipke hero status, wins Ghent Six

Local hero Iljo Keisse and Italy's Elia Viviani have won the Ghent Six Days after a thrilling final in the Ghent "Kuipke". 

Iljo Keisse, dubbed "Keizer van het Kuipke" (Emperor/king of the Kuipke) because he had already won it six times, added a seventh victory.

Teaming up with Elia Viviani, Keisse made the difference in the final madison, pushing Kenny De Ketele and youngster Robbe Ghys (21) into second place. In the end, the Belgian-Italian combination won with just 8 points bonus. 

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