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Part of Brussels medieval city wall collapses

The Sint-Jorisschool, in the Brussels city centre, saw part of the old city walls collapse today. The accident is probably due to nearby renovation works. 

The wall came down over a length of 20 metres, at a place where it was 10 metres high. Nobody got injured, but the rubble is spread across the playground of the school in the Cellebroedersstraat. 

The Brussels Heritage Alderman Geoffrey Coomans de Brachène (Francophone liberal) says that those responsible will have to foot the bill to repair the wall. He says that the wall in the Villersstraat can be repaired indeed, but it shows how fragile the old walls are - they go back some 700 years. 

Most of the city walls have disappeared in modern age, but some parts remain, like at the Sint-Katelijne Square and the Keizerinnenlaan. Other parts were integrated in new buildings, like the SAS Radison Hotel. The walls were built by duke Henry I of Brabant. Later on, a second defence wall was built. 


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