Bart Tommelein on course to become Ostend's first liberal mayor in 60 years

The liberals, Flemish nationalists, greens and Christian democrats have reached agreement to administer the city of Ostend for the next six years.  The liberals' Bart Tommelein is on course to become the first liberal burgomaster or mayor in Ostend for six decades.  When this will happen remains unclear.

The agreement now needs to be put to the four parties’ rank and file.  No problems are expected and the four parties are expected to give the green light by Tuesday evening.  Few details of the accord that ousts the socialists from the city’s administration for the first time in 24 years are currently in the public domain.

Until now Mr Tommelein has always said that he would stay on in the Flemish government, where he is the finance and energy minister, until May's elections.  The Ostender has discussed the matter with PM Bourgeois, who asked him to stay until May, but Mr Tommelein says he can't wait.

The Flemish liberal won't accept a new ministerial job after the May elections, but hopes to feature as a parliamentary candidate on the Open VLD list in West Flanders.  His example is Bart Somers, liberal mayor of Mechelen and rated as the world's best mayor.  "Look at Somers." says Mr Tommelein "The best mayor in the world and one of the best Flemish MPs."

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