Skateboarder without a light fined!

Police in Leuven fined a skateboarder because he was displaying his skills without wearing a light!

Last weekend Leuven police held a blitz clamping down on cyclists not displaying a light.  Several cyclists were fined for failing to light up.  When a skateboarder arrived, he experienced the same fate.

Nicolas Del Piero: "Everybody who moves faster than a pedestrian on any form of vehicle must display a light!

The light at the front should be white, at the rear red!  It's not only skateboarders that need to watch out in Leuven.  People using a hover board or a scooter too risk a fine!

Nicolas Del Piero: "The law is very clear.  It's very simple really: if it's dark, make sure you can be seen!"

Driving without a light is a first degree traffic offence worth a 58 euro fine.

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