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The Macrons are enthusiastic about Molenbeek visit

The French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte have paid a visit to the Brussels municipality of Sint-Jans-Molenbeek. The visit of the French Head of State to the municipality in the west of Brussels is particularly significant as Molenbeek has a poor reputation in France. A number of those involved in the 2015 Paris attacks were from Molenbeek and too many of our southern neighbours Molenbeek is synonymous with radicalisation and terrorism. 

Together with the King and Queen of Belgium and other dignitaries, the Macrons visited the socio-artistic co-working centre La Vallée where they met with representatives of numerous organisations. The French President described the visit as inspiring. 

 La Vallée is a former industrial laundry that has been transformed into a place where young artisans and artists can work together. King Filip had already visited the site and was so impressed that he decided that it was a “must see” for president Macron.  

Speaking after his visit President Macron told journalists that “It is formidable to see although energy and social renewal”.

The French President even stayed longer than planned. President Macron said that it was important to on the one hand “hear experiences that are very inspiring and on the other hand to recognize the work that has been done here and also to show a correct image of Molenbeek”.    

The French First Lady Brigitte Macron was also enthusiastic and said that she will definitely return to Molenbeek. 

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