Ban on drinking tap water in 12 Flemish schools

According to the results of an annual study carried out by the Flemish Environment Agency (VMM) 99.69% of tap water in our regional is compliant with norms that mean that it is safe to drink. Among the 0.31% of water company customers whose tap water is not safe to drink are 12 schools. The schools have been informed of the situation and advised to change their pipes. 

Last year the water companies carried out checks on water from 10,499 taps across Flanders. The samples were checked for lead, microbes and chemical substances. The vast majority of the water was found to be of excellent quality.

However, this was not the case with a very small number of the samples tested. Traces of lead were found in the water from a small number taps tested in both private residences and public buildings, among these 12 schools. They have been advised to replace their lead piping or at the very least to no longer drink water from their taps.    

Lead is poisonous. Exposure to lead can attack the central nervous system and have an impact on blood values such as haemoglobin.

Each year, VMM collects all the test data from the water companies and uses it to compile a report.

For privacy reasons VMM is not a liberty to disclose publically which schools are effected. The schools themselves have been informed so that they can take the necessary measures.  

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