Guard misses his own train

The Belgian rail company NMBS has launched an investigation into an incident on Wednesday morning at Haaltert station in East Flanders. A train left the station without its guard and this is highly unusual. It is currently unclear as to what exactly were the circumstances surrounding the incident.  

One avenue being investigated is the possibility that there were issues in one of the carriages at the rear of train as the doors didn’t close automatically. The guard was left standing on the platform. He had probably tried to close the doors from the outside. The train was on its way from Schaarbeek (Brussels) to the West Flemish city of Kortrijk.      

The NMBS Spokesman Bart Crols told VRT Radio 2 East Flanders that "A number of witnesses saw the train depart without a guard”.

The train finally stopped at the next station in Ede, where another guard boarded to replace his stranded colleague .

"Passengers had to wait three quarters of an hour until a new guard was able to board the train”, Mr Crols added. 

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