219 Belgian municipalities apply for EU Wi-Fi grant

219 Belgian municipalities have requested European funding in order to help finance the installation of free Wi-Fi services in public areas. The figures were released by the European Commission on Friday.


Through the WiFi4EU project the European Union offers funding to towns, cities and villages that want to install free Wi-Fi facilities in libraries, parks, squares and other public places.  At the start of the month, local authorities across the EU were invited to apply. In just 10 seconds 4,000 local authorities had applied.

These were just some of the 13, 198 local authorities that applied in total. The greatest number of applicants (3,203) came from Italy, followed by Spain, Germany and France. The European Commission will announce next month with 2,800 municipality will be given a 15,000 euro grant to pay for the installation of Wi-Fi on their patch.

A minimum of 15 and a maximum of 224 municipality in each member state will be given a grant. The process will be repeated a further three times over the next two years. The European Commission is investing a total of 120 million euro in the project.  

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