Electronic payments 12% up on “Black Friday”

Another tradition from the United States that has caught on this side of the pond in recent years is that of “Black Friday”. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and traditionally the day in which many American retailers held one-day sales providing their customers with the ideal opportunity to do so cut price Christmas shopping. 

In recent years retailers in Europe, including Belgium have followed suit tempting many of us to part with our hard-earned cash with offers that appear too good to turn down.     

According to figures released by Worldline, the company that operates the electronic payment system in Belgium there was a significant increase in the number of electronic payments on “Black Friday” compared to other Fridays in Belgium.  

By 5pm Worldline had recorded 5.8 million electronic transactions, up 12% on the previous Friday.

Last year on Black Friday Worldline had registered 5.6 million transactions by 5pm. These included both physical transactions and online payments.   


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