"Chips taste better in company"

As if we needed it, the VLAM, a government agency dedicated to promoting Flemish farm produce, is organising the Week of the Chip or Belgian Fry.  The main drive of this week's week-long campaign is to get everybody to visit the chippy.

Can you believe it?  It's already the nineteenth time that the VLAG is staging this special week dedicated to our regional delicacy.  This year the social dimension of the chippy stands centre stage. With a special slogan, "Chips taste better in company" VLAG hopes to put chip shop owners in a positive light and encourage Belgians and expats alike to go down the chippy.

The campaign is eager to drag people from behind their computers and to get them to place their smartphone to one side to meet up with friends and kin down the chippy.  To mark the event VLAG is also staging a special competition that will require the use of your smartphone.  Post your best chippy moment on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #BestFrietFriends and you could win a ginormous chip feast together with your 99 friends.

The Week of the Chip comes hot on the heels of the Week of the Steak.  This courted controversy as according to some sources VLAM that is part-funded by the government was promoting unhealthy foods.  The present campaign is wholly funded by chip shop owners and potatoes companies. 

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