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Kidnapped toddler (4) reunited with her Mum

A four-year-old girl from Brussels that was kidnapped by her father a taken to Syria has been reunited with her mother. Last May Yasmine A.’s father who has since been killed took her and a 14-year-old gird that he had got pregnant to Syria.

They he joined Firqatul Ghuraba, a militia set up by the French jihad recruiter Omar ‘Omsen’ Diaby that has links to the Al-Qaida terror group.  

In April of this year it emerged that Yasmine’s father had been killed, leaving her with no parents in a foreign country. Since then she has live in a tent in a Firqatul Ghuraba camp.   

It had long remained uncertain what would happen to her. A local Islamic court had ruled in May that she should be repatriated to Belgium. However, Firqatul Ghuraba refused to let her go, saying that her father had said in his will that she should remain in Syria.   

However, a second court that was made up of members of a several jihadist organisation has since ruled that she should be returned to her mother with whom she was reunited on Monday.  

"Psychological help will be needed"

A source close to the family told the daily ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’ that the four-year-old is in good physical health. However, she is confused and cries a lot.  “The child will almost certain require psychological help”, the source told the paper".

The Islamic court had ruled that she shouldn’t leave Turkey as it wishes for her to grow up in an “Islamic country” and become a “good Muslim”.  

Yasmine and her mother are receiving support from the Belgian Foreign Office during their time in Turkey. 

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