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The Warmest Week will be bigger than ever

The VRT’s annual charity fundraiser The Warmest Week (De warmste week) will be bigger than every this years. The King Boudewijn Foundation has selected no fewer than 2,000 worthy causes to which donations can be made. This year will be the 6th time that Warmest Week will have been organised during the week before Christmas. 

The Warmest Week is the successor to Music for Life, a charitable fundraiser that was organised by the VRT’s music station Studio Brussel.       

The Warmest Week is going from strength to strength with, for example, more and more people taking part in the Warmathon, a sponsored walk, jog or run and more school classes taking part in the Ketnet Koekenbak in which children bake biscuits than can be sold to raise money for worthy causes.  The money raised during The Warmest Week has a big impact on the not-for-profit groups that benefit.

The King Boudewijn Foundation’s Gerrit Rauws told Studio Brussel that this is certainly the case for smaller organisations. “The associations that received support in the past have told us that their name recognition has increased greatly and that as a result more volunteers as offering to help them, they are receiving more donations and their theme is being place higher on the agenda”.    

The King Boudewijn Foundation approves good causes for participation in The Warmest Week based on three criteria. All of the good causes are Flemish not-for-profit organisations that have existed for at least a year and are engaged in improving the quality of life for other and their surroundings.   

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