"Christmas trees getting more expensive, but not just yet"

Christmas tree growers in East Flanders province are getting ready for strong demand this Christmas.  The drought last summer fanned fears that prices could go up, but growers around Lede and Wetteren say last summer's drought shouldn't impact too much on prices this year, though that could be very different in a couple of years’ time.

Many Flemings will be waiting for the visit of Children’s friend Saint Nicholas to pass on 6 December before setting up their Christmas tree, but others are already on the hunt for the best tree.  In East Flanders garden centres have been doing brisk business.  Despite last summer's drought prices are expected to remain stable this Christmas.

Gert Moreels of the Rozenland garden centre in Lede: "You should know that drought has a big impact on young trees.  It will be felt in five years' time.  Stabile prices this year are good news for customers.  We haven't seen any price hike for adult trees."

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