"Ghent Christmas market in the EU Top 10!"

The US business magazine Forbes has included the Ghent Christmas market in its list of Europe's ten most beautiful Christmas markets.  Forbes notes that the Ghent attraction isn't all that famous in Europe, but definitely worthy of your custom.

Forbes says that the Ghent Christmas market is a well preserved secret.  Ghent is an ideal place for a Christmas market given its many historic buildings.  Quinten Goekint is the organiser of the Ghent event: "We try to create an authentic Christmas market.  In combination with its setting in the Ghent Old Town this event really gives people the impression they are in the mountains!  It's an authentic Christmas market with real Christmas trees, lots of lights and wooden huts, just like it should be!"

Forbes Top 10 of EU Christmas markets includes events in Zagreb (Croatia), Helsinki (Finland), Aachen (Germany) and Budapest (Hungary).

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