Hi-Viz demonstrators block 6 Brussels tunnels and major crossroads

Demonstrators wearing Hi-Viz vests have blocked one of Brussels’ busiest road junctions. The Hi-Viz demonstration that started in France as a protest against rising fuel prices, spread to Wallonia over the past couple of weeks and have now arrived in Brussels. 

Demonstrators from all over the country have gathered in the capital where they have blocked road tunnels and the junction of the Brussels inner ring road with the Wetstraat, a main arterial route between the area that houses the European institution and the city centre. Around 70 demonstrators are blocking the crossroads.

Elsewhere around 40 demonstrators have been detained at Brussels South Railway Station.

On the inner ring road, the Kunst-Wet and Madou tunnels have been closed. Elsewhere, the Tervuren Tunnel that links the Tervurenlaan to the city centre the Reyers-Centre Tunnel that links the end of the E40 Liège to Brussels motorway with the city centre and the Jubel Park Tunnel that passes under the Jubel Park have and the Wet Tunnel all been closed.  

One demonstrator told VRT News that “I think that it is clear, people are tired of it”.

"The price of electricity and water is going up. We pay 21% on food, that’s just crazy. I earn 1,200 euro/month. At the end of the month I have to stretch every euro to be able to see whether I can afford to buy a packet of rice”.   


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