Urban myth: "Euros stashed away in abandoned house"

Police in Dilbeek, outside Brussels, are at their wits end after rumours spread about a large amount of cash hidden in an empty house in the municipality.  

On Thursday night Dilbeek police arrested no fewer than 50 burglars trying to gain access to the property in order to search for the booty on the Lenniksebaan.  Dozens of people were arrested in previous days.

Dilbeek burgomaster Willy Seghers says it's just like a novel by a Penny Dreadful writer with lots of April Fool jokes.  Local police wish it were only a novel.  The rumour is giving them tons of work.  Local residents feel unsafe with all the youngsters flocking to the neighbourhood to try a break-in.

Burgomaster Seghers remembers how a month ago youngsters burgled the property, found 850 euros and were caught: "We think this is how the rumour started, about all the cash slowed away at the premises.  It's become an urban legend on social media.  In recent days groups of youngsters have been attempting to gain access.  They come from Brussels or even further afield.  They play cat and mouse with the police. Some even arrive by taxi!  Recently we even had to deploy a police helicopter to gain control of the situation. We've had to call in assistance from neighbouring police forces too.

The house has meanwhile been boarded up.  In all some 80 people trying to gain access have now been arrested.  Some suspects will be taken to court.  Two minors have been placed in a youth detention centre.  The urban legend should soon become an urban myth as the owners have now decided to demolish the house.

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