834 organisations and local authorities join the Deposit Alliance

834 organisations, municipalities, provinces, associations and companies from across Belgium and The Netherlands have joined the Deposit Alliance. The Deposit Alliance advocates the introduction of a deposit system for cans and plastic bottles, like what already exists for glass bottles.        

The news that well over 800 organisations had joined the Alliance since its launch on 27 November 2017 comes from Recycling Network’s Spokesman Tom Zoete.  

Mr Zoete told journalists that "The demand for a deposit to be levied on plastic bottles and cans is becoming ever stronger. In just a year we have grown from 21 to 834 organisations, companies and municipalities.  

A growing number of companies are joining up. These include the producer of ecological cleaning products Ecover, the Dutch sustainable bank ASN Bank and the Flemish Christian Workers’ Movement (beweging.net) all support the initiative.   

In the Netherlands all the provincial and 95%  of the municipal authorities have given their backing to the Deposit Alliance. In Flanders this is 56%. Two municipalities each have given their backing to the Deposit Alliance in Brussels and Wallonia.      

Those behind the Deposit Alliance want to encourage the Flemish and Dutch Governments’ to bring in a system of deposits on plastic bottles and cans . The idea is that such a system would serve to reduce litter.  

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