“Flemish Nationalists are still part of the government”

The leader of the Flemish nationalist group in the Federal Parliament Peter De Roover has said that his party has no intention of bringing down the Federal Government. Mr De Roover was speaking ahead of a meeting of the Federal Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Select Committee about the UN Migration Pact. 

The Flemish nationalists remain vigorously opposed to the migration pact. The Select Committee is likely to support a resolution calling on the government to support the Pact and an amendment tabled by members of three of the four coalition parties has been approved.    

Mr De Roover says that any resolution approved by the Select Committee is not binding for the government. However, he feels that it is a good thing that a debate is being held in the Chamber of Representatives so that the points of view of the various parties can be heard.  

“Public opinion can never be informed enough”, Mr De Roover told journalists.

Nevertheless, if the Prime Minister goes to Marrakech it will be without the backing of the government, Mr De Roover added.  

 Als premier Charles Michel in de huidige omstandigheden naar Marrakesh trekt, is hij niet gedekt door de regering, zegt De Roover nog.

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