Select Committee approves Migration Pact resolution

The Federal Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Select Committee has approved a resolution backing the UN Migration Pact. As expected, the Flemish nationalists that are part of the Federal coalition, voted against the resolution. Having been approved at the committee stage, the resolution will be discussed and voted on at a plenary sitting of the Chamber of Representatives on Thursday.  

The resolution received the support of the Flemish, Christian Democrats, the Flemish liberals, the greens (Flemish and Francophone), the Flemish socialists and the Francophone Christian democrats. The Francophone socialist abstained.  

The Flemish nationalists and far-right Vlaams Belang voted against.

The resolution supports the UN Migration Pact. In addition it supports a commitment to arrive at an ‘explanation of position’ on the pact with the other EU countries that are supporting it.    

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