Jonas Roosens

Children send Saint Nicholas the most moving letters!

Today is the feast of Saint Nicholas, the day on which the saint and his helpers called Black Peters bring presents to all good children.  Ahead of the feast day many children also wrote off to the saint.  This year Saint Nicholas received over 300,000 letters from Belgian children.

Saint Nicholas has his hands full preparing for his annual trip to Belgium and the delivery of presents and doesn't really have time to read all these letters in person.  This is why the Brussels X sorting centre has organised a Saint Nicholas support unit to lend a hand.  Since the beginning of November the Belgian post group Bpost has had a staff of thirty working on the letters.  Work will continue until mid-December.

Bpost's Barbara Van Speybroeck: "Many of the letters are funny!  Some are more emotional.  Some children miss their granny or granddad and ask Saint Nicholas to get to see them again.  Some kids want a new dog after theirs has died, but most of the letters are requests for new toys."

Daria from Borsbeek admitted she hadn't always listened to mum in the past year, but that this would now change.

Letter readers notice Belgian children are requesting the latest novelties and games.  Barbara Van Speybroeck: "Much of this stuff is new to the saint and he needs a little assistance!"

All letters receive a reply from Saint Nicholas's Bpost support unit. Barbara Van Speybroeck: “Last year we received a record 400,000 letters.  It just shows how important it is for children to write in to Saint Nicholas!"

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