Limburg priest dupes lover met on online dating site

The Bishopric of Hasselt has suspended a Roman Catholic parish priest after it became apparent that he had been leading a double life and was in a relationship with a man without telling him he was a priest!

The Roman Catholic priest is 53 and was ordained in 1990.  He worked in parishes across northern Limburg, but a couple of years ago he met a gentleman from western Limburg, who was in his forties, via an online dating website.  They got on well together and started a relationship that lasted for three years.

In the Church of Rome same sex carnal relationships are frowned on and priests are supposed to remain celibate.

The priest gave a false name, said he was a nurse and claimed his mother lived with him.  He didn't tell his partner that he was a parish priest.  Recently, the priest's mother died and everything came out!  The priest's friend felt duped and took the matter to the authorities in the Bishopric of Hasselt.  The Bishopric of Hasselt has now suspended the priest as a precautionary measure and appointed a stand-in who will undertake his parish duties.

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