Almost 100 Belgian municipalities to receive EU cash for free Wi-Fi

97 Belgian municipalities are to receive 15,000 euro each from the European Commission to install free Wi-Fi in public places. The list of municipalities that are to be given funding from the WiFi4EU project was published by the European Commission on Friday morning. 

Through the WiFi4EU project, the European Commission offer funding to villages, towns and villages to enable them to install Wi-Fi hotspots in library, parks, town squares and other public places.

The European Commission selected the municipalities on a first-come, first-served basis. However, it was agreed in advance that no one country should receive less than 15 or more than 219 of the grants.   Of the 219 Belgian municipalities that applied 97 have been chosen, around three-quarters of these are in Flanders.  

In the EU as a whole 2,800 of the 11,000 municipalities that applied for a grant through the WiFi4EU project are to be given funding. Those that haven’t been successful this time around will have the chance to apply again a further three times over the next two years.

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