Migration Compact: Belgian government meets as fall of government looms

The Belgian government is meeting on Saturday afternoon to finalise its position on the UN Global Compact on Migration.  The gathering comes at the request of the Flemish nationalist party, the N-VA, Belgium's biggest party that opposes the compact.

On Monday Belgian PM Charles Michel is expected in Marrakech for a UN meeting on the compact.  Earlier the Belgian parliament voted a resolution calling on the government to endorse the compact.  Mr Michel has always said that he will represent the wishes of parliament.

Despite their opposition to the compact N-VA ministers remain in the cabinet.  N-VA leader Bart De Wever says: "We cannot accept the compact.  We're not going to change our minds.  We're asking our partners to be flexible."

Mr De Wever does not want the Belgian government to collapse as a result of this controversy.

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