"Important crossroads for nationalists"

Flemish news websites have been busy in recent hours analysing the new political landscape.

The liberal Het Laatste Nieuws says Bart De Wever has played a good ball.  The departure of the Flemish nationalist N-VA from the cabinet will form a greater problem for Flemish liberals and Christian democrats than for PM Michel's Francophone liberals.

The left-leaning De Morgen speaks of "difficult weeks" ahead for the nationalists. "It's an important crossroads" says the paper.  The minority government won't get an easy ride either: "PM Michel's cabinet starts its unstable adventure."

The centrist De Standaard notes the quick switch to election campaign mode, especially for N-VA. Former asylum secretary Francken becomes the N-VA's striker par excellence for the elections.  The topic of the elections will be immigration.

Stablemate Het Nieuwsblad adds that the winner of this debacle will be clear at the general election in May: "For political players it's important to make it clear who's to blame.  The next elections are planned for six months’ time and it's yet to be seen what people will still remember then."

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