"It won't be a walk in the park"

Belgian Deputy Premier Kris Peeters (Flemish Christian democrat) has spoken of the difficulties of steering Belgium to next May's elections with a minority administration.

Minority administrations are unusual in Belgium, but that is what we are getting.  Flemish and Francophone liberals and Flemish Christian democrat ministers will attend the first meeting of the new administration on Sunday morning.

Ahead of the meeting Flemish Christian democrat supremo Kris Peetrs stressed that the next months won't be easy: "It's important that we make it clear quickly what we still can and wish to do in government.  Social economic issues are still waiting.  There's the climate dossier.  Somebody has to assume responsibility and not place the country in a position in which it can't respond to big dossiers including the climate and Brexit or energy problems.  This won't be easy from a minority position, but we will take this necessary walk in the interests of everybody."

Belgium now has a fixed term parliament and governments can only be brought down if an alternative government is proposed.  Belgians went to the polls in October for the local elections and the next general election is supposed to coincide with May's European elections.

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