"We've been turned out of the government"

After leaving a cabinet meeting on the UN Global Compact on Migration on Saturday N-VA leader Bart De Wever told newsmen that if PM Michel attends the UN conference in Marrakech on Monday he would be turning the Flemish nationalists out of the federal government.

Mr De Wever said: "I hope common sense triumphs."  He stressed that his party had asked the government to abstain on the Migration Compact: "Today is the first time that this subject has been touched on in cabinet.  We formally had it noted that we do not agree with the compact."

On Saturday night the nationalists were not leaving the Belgian government of their own accord.

The situation has led to much confusion.  Ex (?)Interior minister Jan Jambon (N-VA) noted on Sunday morning that it was unclear whether he was still a cabinet minister.  "I believe my successor hasn't yet been dispatched to the king (for swearing in), but at the most these are the last hours.  I understood from the premier yesterday that he had sacked us.  We will let it be known that we have understood the message."

Mr Jambon won't be attending the cabinet meeting called for Sunday morning. 

Later in the morning Mr Jambon conceded that N-VA would be tendering their resignation: "This subject is too serious to play word games."

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