Bruges pupils threaten attack against newcomer class

Bruges prosecutors have opened an investigation into a threat against a school class for newcomers.  At a technical school in Bruges several male pupils threatened to unleash an attack against the so called OKAN class at their school.

The pupils aged 17 and 18 belong to a closed Facebook group and posted images of themselves in army uniforms and carrying firearms.  They launched an appeal for an attack on the OKAN class at their school.

The matter came to light when one of their number was heard talking what is being called "fascist chit-chat" at school.  The matter was brought to the attention of the school head that discovered the existence of the chat group that's been making racist pronouncements online.  The group called itself the "Right-wing Alliance of the KTA (technical school)".  The school head called in the police that started an investigation.

The home of one pupil was searched.  Police found army clothing and firearms.  The boy's father is a collector of firearms and possesses the necessary licences.  Bruges prosecutors have labelled the goings on "bravura".  The pupils are apparently shocked by what they did and realise that they exceeded the limits of decent behaviour.

Five pupils have been suspended.

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