PM Michel in Marrakech: "My country is going to be on the right side of history"

PM Charles Michel has addressed the UN conference on the Global Compact on Migration in Marrakech (Morocco). 

World leaders are considering a joint approach to migration.  The controversial Migration Compact, which brought down the first Michel administration, is intended to serve as the manual for this new global approach to migration.  Heads of state and government representing 164 countries are in Marrakech. For the Michel II government the PM's attendance is its first act on the international stage.  It was over objections against the Compact that Flemish nationalist ministers left the Michel I cabinet at the weekend.

At the start of the conference the Migration Compact was formally adopted.  The Compact will be formally approved at a vote in New York on 19 December. Belgium intends to vote in favour.

Addressing the conference Mr Michel stressed the need to respond to challenges together: "I have chosen multilateralism and I don’t believe for one instant that unilateral action or sovereign acts will lead magically lead to a spontaneous result.  We need responsibility.  We need courage.  It's an important moment.  It's a step forward; I stand here before you saying we have made the choice to put the country, the kingdom of Belgium, whose history has always been on the right side of those who chose co-operation and responsibility and once again my country is going to be on the right side of history.

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