British paper reports on VRT’s Congo documentary series

Over the past few weeks a documentary series has been running on the VRT’s television channel Canvas in which those that experienced life in what was then the Belgian Congo at first hand talk of their experiences. The programme features both Belgians that were colonialists in their younger years and Congolese that lived under the colonial regime in the Central African country.

There are also contributions from Belgians of Congolese descent. The programme has won critical acclaim. ‘De kinderen van de kolonie’ (The Children of the Colony) is also available in a French version that appears on our French-Language sister site   

In an article published on Saturday to mark to opening of the newly-renovated Africa Museum in Tervuren, the Guardian journalist Jenifer Rankin gives an account of how the programme and the newly-renovated symbolise a change in how we view our colonial past.   Jenifer Rankin described the VRT’s six-part series as “The latest sign of Belgium’s re-evaluation of its colonial past – not only the notoriously brutal reign of King Leopold II (1865-1909), but the long second act of Belgium’s 20th-century rule in central Africa”.

Click here to read Jenifer Rankin’s article 

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