Student club disbands after hazing death

The student club Reuzegom that groups students from Antwerp at the Catholic University of Leuven has decided to disband. Last week a 20-year-old student died after an initiation for new members got out of hand.    

The student died in hospital a day after having drunk fish oil as part of a hazing ritual organised by the club. Two other students were hospitalized in a less serious condition. Reuzegom has had a poor reputation for a number of years. The club refused to sign up to Leuven University’s “Hazing Charter”.   

Fatal consequences

During last week’s initiation that was held in woodland at Vorselaar (Antwerp province) new members of the club had to carry out a number of tasks, including drinking fish oil that has a very high salt content.   

They also had to sit naked in the woods while water was poured over them. Three students became unwell due to hypothermia and excess salt levels in their blood. A 20-year-old student suffered cardiac arrest. He was reanimated, but died on Friday in hospital.

The Judicial Authorities have opened an investigation, but as yet no one has been detained. An autopsy has been carried out on the dead student’s body in order to ascertain the exact cause of his death.    

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