University Rector calls for “end to student hazing until further notice”.

The rector of Leuven University Luc Sels has called on student fraternities to stop organising hazing ceremonies for the time being at least. The move has come about after a 20-year-old student died after having been rushed to hospital during a hazing ceremony organised by the Moeder Reuzegom Student Club.

Two other students were also hospitalised but their condition was much less serious. Moeder Reuzegom is a club for students from Antwerp and the surrounding area that study at the Catholic University of Leuven (KUL).    

During last week’s hazing students were obliged to drink large quantity of fish oil. Three students were taken to hospital, one in a critical condition. He died in hospital the next day. The club came under fire after the student’s death and the organisation that groups student clubs and fraternities at the KUL has withdrawn official recognition from the club.    

During the weekend Rector Sels tweeted that “Activities organised by Reuzegom will not be tolerated. They have crossed the line on several occasions. In cooperation with the police we have launched a disciplinary investigation against the students that were involved.        

Speaking on VRT Radio 1 on Tuesday morning, Luc Sels said that “We have tightened up the rules in our hazing charter and call on the student clubs to take a final opportunity to sign up to the charter today”.  

Rector Sels also called on all student clubs and fraternities to stop hazing for the time being. However, with the exams coming up he doesn’t expect that too many hazings will have been planned for the next few weeks.    

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