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Tesla showing increasing interest in Zeebrugge

The technology giant Tesla is interested in establishing a presence at the West Flemish port of Zeebrugge. The shipping, transport and logistics magazine ‘Flows’ reports that around 100 new jobs will be created as a result Elon Musk’s company entering into a collaboration with International Car Operators (ICO).     

Job offers from Tesla feature on a number job websites including the website of the Flemish Employment and Vocational Training Service VDAB. This is interesting as Tesla currently doesn’t have a presence at Zeebrugge. According to the report in ‘Flows’ the new jobs will be created at the vehicle handler ICO.  

The Managing Director of ICO Marc Adriansens told Flows that “We have sealed a contract for the handling of electric vehicles.  The manufacturer doesn’t wish to be named, but we can say that were are preparing to handle electric vehicles”. ICO is investing in 300 recharging points and carrying out a 4,000m² expansion of its operation”.  

The Chair of the Management Committee of the Port of Zeebrugge Joachim Coens confirms that Tesla is showing increasing interest in the port.

"The European market is attractive and a number of countries want to ban cars that run on fuel. For example, Norway was to be rid of cars that run on fuel after 2025. This is driving up interest for electric cars on the European market. Zeebrugge catches the eye as the largest vehicle handling port in the world and as a real car hub”, Mr Coens said.

The Tesla vehicles would be imported directly from the United States.


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