Two injured victims of hazing lodge complaint with Judicial Authorities

Two students that were injured during a hazing by the now disbanded student club Moeder Reuzegom have lodged a complaint with the Turnhout (Antwerp Province) Judicial Authorities. The news that the students have lodge a complaint as civil parties comes from their solicitor Kris Luyckx.  

A 20-year-old student died after the hazing that involving new recruits to the club drinking fish oil and sitting naked in a wood while having water thrown over them.

Mr Luyckx told journalists that his clients were victims of what could be described “as the deliberate administration of materials that can seriously damage health”.

"In the first instance the victims and their parents are seeking clarity over the precise circumstance in which this could have happened and the precise cause of Sanda’s, with whom they had a strong bond of friendship, death.  

The complaint has been lodged against “persons unknown”. “As it is currently unclear as to who was directly involved”.   

The cause of the 20-year-old student’s death is not yet clear. What is known is that he had drunk a large quantity of fish oil. The result of the will be published in a couple of weeks. 

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