Visits to 30 local breweries in East Flanders now possible!

Beer tourism is booming in East Flanders. Increasingly, beer is the reason why holidaymakers are deciding to take a trip to a particular destination in the country.  Fresh research has just revealed that one in seven overnight stays in East Flanders Province are linked to a desire to discover local beer culture.

In regions like the Waasland, the Land of the River Scheldt and the Flemish Ardennes in the south of the province Flemish beer culture is attracting even more overnight stays.  As a whole East Flanders performs above the average when it comes to attracting holiday-makers eager to discover beer culture.

Katia Versieck of the East Flemish tourism board: "More and more hoteliers and B&B operators are offering special accommodation arrangements involving a beer-linked event.  They offer meals with special attention to the beers or offer a wide selection of regional beers on their premises."

Local brewers too see the benefits of strong beer tourism.  Hoteliers are working together with small local brewers and this is yielding results.  Until now brewers only catered for large groups.  Today they are offering individual visits too.    Visits to 30 different local brewers in East Flanders are now possible.

The East Flemish tourism board has encouraged hoteliers to work with local brewers.  In addition, special cycling and rambling routes to help you discover the local beer culture have been laid out and maps are available.  

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