What kind of disruption can I expect tomorrow?

Belgian trade unions have planned a day of action on Friday in protest against government policy regarding pensions, hard professions and spending power.

Belgian rail shouldn't be affected too much bar limited disruption.  A similar result is expected on MIVB/STIB local transport in Brussels. The Flemish local transport company De Lijn anticipates greater disruption.  Antwerp, Ghent and Flemish Brabant should bear the brunt. De Lijn intends to focus drivers willing to work on a limited number of lines.  How many lines will be given priority depends on the number of available drivers.

Little disruption is expected at Brussels Airport.  The airport management recommends hand luggage only and to ensure sufficient time. Services of the Belgian Post Group Bpost shouldn't be too badly affected either.

Municipal services like refuse collection and municipal schools will be hit more significantly.

The day of action is expected to be more noticeable in the private sector with at least 75 businesses in East Flanders hit. The food sector should be affected across the country, but whether you will notice this with regard to your daily biscuit is unlikely. Security firms, cleaning, transport, logistics and distribution businesses will all be hit. Protests are expected in the metal and textile sector too.  Businesses in the port of Antwerp shouldn't be too badly affected though.

Blockades at industrial zones are planned as well as union rallies in the big cities.

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