Belgian dies in accident at French Hi-Viz protesters’ road block

A man in his fifties from Hainaut Province has in an accident at a road block set up by Hi-Viz protesters on the border in France at Erquelinnes (Hainaut). The Mayor of Erquelinnes David Lavaux (Francophone Christian democrat) has confirmed that a resident of the village of Solre-sur-Sambre died when his car ran into the back of a stationary lorry.

The lorry had stopped at a road block set up by Hi-Viz protesters that had been set up at the border. The accident happened at around 6pm on Friday evening.

Mr Lavaux told the press agency Belga that "The Hi-Viz protesters that have been demonstrating here for weeks set up a road block on the N54. They stopped lorries, but allowed cars through”. The man had spotted the stationary Lorries too late and drove into the back of one of them.  

The Mayor added that the French police had wanted to remove the road block. However, this was problematic as it was on the both sides of the border.


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