No trouble and few demonstrators at the third Brussels Hi-Viz protest

Unlike on the last two Saturdays, the third demonstration by Hi-Viz protest was a low key affair. The number of protesters was well down on the previous two Saturday and the protest passed without incident. After the trouble of the past two Saturdays in Brussels the police had left nothing to chance and police officers were out in numbers.

The protesters gathered at the crossroads of the Wetstraat and the Kunstlaan. The protest was to have started at the Luxemburgplein, the square in front of the European Parliament.

However, permission for the protesters to assemble there was withdrawn at the last minute. They were eventually allowed to walk from the crossroads to the Luxemburgplein under police escort. Once there the police made it clear that the demonstration must stop.    

Around a hundred Hi-Viz protesters took part in the demonstration. They are unhappy about high fuel prices and falling spending power.

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