Jonas Roosens

90 people detained after “March Against Marrakesh"

90 people have been detained by police in Brussels after violent scenes followed a demonstration against the UN Migration Pact. The Mayor of Brussels Phillipe Close (Francophone socialist) has thanked the police for their professionalism during what he described as “a high-risk weekend”.     

The Brussels-Capital-Elsene Local Police and Federal Police Services detained at least 90 demonstrators after some of them had tried to force their way into the Berlaymont Building that houses the European Commission. This led to a confrontation with the police. Police chased demonstrators through the surrounding streets and tear gas and water cannon were used to disperse the trouble-makers.    

Mr Close thanked the local and federal police services and the other emergency services for their professionalism.

"Policemen and women have been extremely busy and have given a lot of what was their personal free time to ensure that public safety can be guaranteed in the capital. When we ask for reinforcements, it isn’t by chance”, Mr Close told journalists.   

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