Socialist no confidence motion to bring down Michel II?

The future of the Michel II administration hangs in the balance this morning after the opposition Flemish socialists threatened to launch a no confidence motion in parliament if the prime minister fails to take steps to seek the confidence of the chamber of representatives.

On Tuesday lawmakers meet to discuss the work of the new minority administration.  PM Michel will have to explain his decision to stay on at the head of a coalition of liberals and Christian democrats that doesn't have a majority in parliament after the Flemish nationalists were shown the door.

Speaking to VRT News SP.A floor leader Meryame Kitir made it clear her party meant business:

"I expect the prime minister to come and explain himself in parliament and table a confidence motion.  If he doesn't he leaves us no other choice but to table a motion (of no confidence) ourselves."

If a no confidence motion is approved it means the end of the Michel II government and a snap general election in January.  Mr Michel and his partners had hoped to soldier on until the 26 May poll when a Belgian general election would coincide with the European vote.  After local elections last October there are grave fears that yet another compulsory vote would turn off every day Belgians further damaging their trust in politics. 

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