Student numbers hit all-time record

A record 240,000 students are registered for a course at a Flemish university or school of advanced learning and that is a record.

Figures just released show that 240,332 students registered at a seat of learning in Flanders last September.  The figure is up half a percent on the year.  Last year's figure too was a record.  The figures show that it's above all the universities that are attracting more students.  In all there were 121,000 university registrations.  The figure for schools of advanced learning was 113,000.

The continued rise is being attributed to BA students who obtain a diploma at a school of advanced learning and then switch to university for an MA.  This year 7,700 registrations were the result of such an endeavour.  It's above all students of industrial sciences, technology, commercial sciences, business administration, psychology and pedagogy that are eager to add an MA to their BA.

Business administration and commerce are particularly popular at schools of advanced learning notching up 37,000 registrations.  Health care and education too are very sought after.  At university law, solicitor's studies and criminal sciences are in vogue.  Economics, applied economics, industrial sciences and technology are popular too.

Ghent polytechnic HoGent (Hogeschool Gent) saw the highest number of registrations of any Flemish school of advanced learning, followed by Karel de Grote (Antwerp) and Arteveldehogeschool (Ghent).  Thomas More (Mechelen-Antwerp) saw the biggest rise.  Leuven University secured the largest number of university registrations: 45,000 followed by Ghent University and Antwerp University.  The Flemish Free University of Brussels (VUB) noted the strongest rise in students.

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