Greens top the poll in Brussels

The Francophone Greens come out on top in a poll of voting intentions carried out on behalf of the VRT, the Francophone public broadcaster RTBF and the newspapers ‘De Standard’ and ‘La Libre’. 19.1% of the 743 Brussels voters that took part in the pole said that they intend to vote for the Francophone greens. This is 8.6% more than the party’s showing at the last federal election in 2014. 

The Francophone liberals are the second most popular party among Brussels voters that took part in our poll. 17.4% said that they would vote for the Francophone liberals, down by 5.7% percentage points on the party's score in 2014.

With 15.8% of voting preferences; the Francophone socialists are third. The poll result is 9.1% points lower than the party’s performance in Brussels at the 2014 federal election.

The hard-left PTB-PVDA enjoys the support of 11.5% of those that took part in our poll. This is up by 7.7 percentage points on 2014 and reflects the party’s strong showing in October’s local elections.

The Francophone Federalist Party Défi enjoys the support of 10.3% of those polled, down slightly (- 0.8%) on the party’s showing in Brussels in the 2014 federal elections.

The Francophone Christian democrats’ demise continutes. CdH now enjoys the support of 5.6% of those that took part in our poll. This is down by 3.7 percentage points on the party’s performance in Brussels in 2014.     

The Flemish parties in Brussels

According to our poll, the most popular Flemish party in Brussels by a long chalk is the Flemish nationalists. N-VA polls 6%, more than double (+3.3%) what the party got in 2014.

The second most popular party is the Flemish greens with 3.9% (the same as in 2014), followed by the Flemish Christian democrats on 3.1% (+1.5%). The Flemish socialists enjoyed the support of 2.7% of those polled (+0.8%).

The Flemish liberals (down 1.6% to 1.1%) and the far-right Vlaams Belang (down 0.7% to 0.3%) both lose ground in our poll. However, the fact that our poll has a margin of error of 3.1% should be taken into account when looking at the poll results of the Flemish parties in the capital.   

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