Nationalists remain the biggest in new poll

The Flemish nationalist party N-VA remains by far the biggest party in Flanders a new poll carried out on behalf of the VRT, the Francophone public broadcaster RTBF and newspapers ‘De Standaard’ and ‘La Libre’. The Flemish Greens continue to make progress, while the Flemish socialist continue to lose ground. The telephone poll by TNS KANTAR asked 1,038 Flemings that are entitled to vote who they would vote for if an election were held now. 

The poll was carried out between 19 November and 8 December, the period that led up to the Flemish nationalists leaving the Federal Government. The margin of error is 3.1%.

With 28.3% of those that expressed a preference saying that they planned to vote for them, the Flemish nationalists are faring better than in some polls held earlier this year. Nevertheless, 28.3% is still 4.1% down on the score Bart De Wever’s party achieved in the 2014 federal election. 

Christian democrats remain stable, liberals on the up

With 18.7% of the voting intentions the Flemish Christian democrats remain more or less at the level they were at in the 2014 Federal Elections. Then the party gained 18.6% of the popular vote. The other Flemish party still in the Federal Government the Flemish liberals enjoys the support of 17.5% of those polled. This is encouraging news for Gwedolyn Rutten and her party as it is a full 2% up on their result at the last Federal election in 2014. 

Greens almost double their score

The rise in popularity of the Flemish green party continues. 16% of those polled that expressed a preference said that they would vote green if an election were held tomorrow. This is 7.4% up on the 8.6% the Flemish greens polled at the 2014 federal elections. 

Socialists fall below 10%

The poll is more bad news for the Flemish socialists. The party that enjoyed the support of 14% of Flemish voters in 2014, is good for just 9.2% of the voting preference expressed by voters taking part in our poll. 

Far-right up, hard-left down

The far-right Vlaams Belang enjoys the support of 7.6% of those that took part in the poll. This is up 1.8% on the 5.8% the party got in the 2014 federal elections. Meanwhile, the hard-left PVDA enjoys the support of just 2.5% of those that took part in the poll. This is 2.1% less than the 4.6% of the votes the party took in Flanders in 2014. 

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