Vatican police arrest naked model posing on bibles

Police in Vatican City arrested Flemish model Marisa Papen during a photoshoot several days ago.  Vatican police spotted the celebrated Flemish model when she was sitting starkers on a pile of bibles on St Peter's Square.

Fortunately, Ms Papen had been able to do some work before she was apprehended.  Photos of the model from Beringen in Limburg Province walking stark naked and bearing a huge wooden cross had already been made for posterity.

On her website Ms Papen provides more details with regard to her brush with the law at the Holy See: "I was frisked while I was still naked!  I had to spend several hours in a police cell while my hotel room was searched”.  There police discovered several items that Ms Papen had brought along for the photoshoot including priests vestments, fake blood and a black baby Jesus.  Ms Papen was asked to provide fingerprints and a police report was drawn up.  After 2 hours she was free to go.

Ms Papen defends her actions saying that she is eager to attacks abuses in the Roman Catholic Church.  The Flemish model points to the amount of cash the Vatican has amassed and suggests this should be handed out to the poor in the street.  It's not the first time the model experiences the hospitality of the police at close quarters.  A spicy photoshoot in Egypt allowed her to discover the pleasures of an Egyptian cell, while a photoshoot in the Aya Sophia museum in Istanbul earlier this year caused a furore.

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