Ho-ho-ho what are the most unpopular Christmas gifts?

Christmas is a time of good will and presents, but too many people are receiving unwanted presents that often end up on second hand websites like 2dehands.be.

Christmas is a busy time for Petra Baeck of 2dehands.be: "Last Christmas the first presents ended up on the website at 4PM on Christmas Eve."

There's no need to feel guilty: one in eight Belgians doesn't like their Christmas presents!  The second hand website also managed to draw up a list of the most unpopular presents.  You’d be surprised! It's topped by decorative items, gift vouchers, clothing, perfume and cosmetics, books, comics and something for the kitchen.

Many are the Christmas gifts that end up for sale on a second hand website the following day.  Gift vouchers too are not the solution you may think they are.  Often the recipient can't pick what he or she wants or there is a use before date.  Gift vouchers are often sold on as a result.

Popular choices are also a no-no.  Who wants to end up with three copies of a cookery book from that celebrated TV chef?

On 2dehands.be they have also noticed that many companies are making the wrong choices too.  A Christmas hamper from your company is unlikely to satisfy all.  2dehands.be suggests people who bide their time can make a killing a Christmas.  Brand new items are sold as second hand for a second hand price! But they would say that wouldn't they!  

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